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About Us

First off, let's get something cleared up. 2NY stands for Tony :) A wise, old man once told me that the name "Tony" was created when italian immigrants were on a boat traveling from Italy to the states. On the front of the boat, it said "To NY" as they traveled to New York. It's stuck with me ever since. We are located about an hour south of Chicago, Illinois for those wondering. 

We are a home, family-owned business specializing in ammunition sales.  Orders ship within 2-3 business days as I do have other daily commitments. However, I take care of my customers however I can. I offset the slightly slower shipping than my competitors by offering lower prices and amazing customer service. I don't charge extra for insurance as I feel it's my responsiblity to cover issues that arise. My guarantee is that you'll get what you paid for or your money back. With that said, mistakes do happen as I am only human, but I think my reviews speak volumes for my service and commitment to my customers.

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